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Welcome to Ecopipo Stoffwindeln in Germany!

We are a cloth diaper company founded in Mexico over 10 years ago. My name is Maria (of course! ;) and I hope you find our webpage friendly and informative.

I believe that finding ways to reduce the impact we have on our planet is difficult enough, even without having to conduct extensive research on our daily routines, so.... everything you need to know about how to use, how to wash and care for your cloth diapers, as well as our many available models, is displayed on the top menu with simple descriptions of the most useful information.

Almost a year ago I became a first time mom (little one´s birthday is coming soon!) and I found that all the questions about cloth diapers come mostly after buying them. It was when I found myself in very particular situations during everyday use, that I needed to reach out to other moms or re-read the instructions which I had forgotten. So, my objective with this blog is to share my cloth diaper journey along my little baby girl Mila. I am sure that our funny accidents, tips and experiences will be helpful in your cloth diaper journey as well.

One final thought: using cloth diapers is more of a practice kinda thing, so my first recommendation would be to just go for it and get one, get three, get as many as you need; trust me, its worth it... as insignificant as it may seem, our small decision to not use between 5,000 to 6,000 disposable diapers is something BIG that we can do to leave a better and cleaner world to our little ones. As consumers, we DO make a difference in what gets produced and its ecological impact.

Of course if you ever have any questions, please reach out to me by email and I will be very happy to help out! (Spanish, German or English)


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